The dawn of democratized launchpads By Cointelegraph

Those that were around in 2017 likely remember the initial coin offering (ICO) craze, which saw swathes of new projects emerge — many of which generated staggering returns for participants in a matter of weeks or months.

Although many ICO-funded projects turned out to be duds, a small proportion grew and evolved to become the current heavyweight blockchain platforms, including Ether (ETH), (FIL), (DOT) and (ADA) — each of which are among the top 30 largest crypto assets by market capitalization.

Kalani Moe is the director of ecosystem growth at Velas, a decentralized smart contract platform forked from . A serial entrepreneur and early builder in the blockchain space, Moe previously founded the Divi Project and helped grow CoinPayments into the world’s leading cryptocurrency payment processor as its former creative director.